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School of Life – a vision

We are all in a “School of Life”. I love this name, because it keeps us humble and aware, that our life is a never-ending learning experience. Our teacher is the Rabbi Jesus, the one whose feet we as Christians should follow so closely that the dust of his feet will cover us and “rub off”. This is the walk of a disciple.

Great Commandment and Great Commission

Jesus’ two fundamental teachings can be summarized into three facets of walking with God:

1. Love God (Matt 22:36-38)
2. Love people (Matt 22:39)
3. Disciple and teach all nations (Matt 28:18-20)

Each monastic order in the past had “practices”. There are 6 practices of the “School of Life” which emerge directly out of these three facets of walking with God:

1. Love God:
a) Practice of Prayer and Worship: on all kinds of occasions in all kinds of ways
b) Practice of Creativity: artistic expression of adoration in the form of art, sculpture, music, poetry, dance, fun, celebration etc.
2. Love People:
a) Practice of Merciful Community: focussing on the need of people to “belong before they behave in a certain way”, as well as their practical needs
b) Practice of Healing and Restoration: liberation from bondage and bad life patterns
3. Disciple and Teach all nations:
a) Practice of Evangelism and Missions: the clear and unhidden teaching of the gospel, taking it across cultural barriers where necessary
b) Practice of Teaching and Learning: growing in faith, life skills, trade skills and the ability to teach others

Apart from our own life school, the “School of Life” is also the fitting name for the community development project we are starting next year. We covet your prayers and support!