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Our last update about South Africa

leaving from Cape Town Airport

We have published our newsletter with our last stories from South Africa. Please read it online under ralphdeb.info/news. Enjoy the read! If you prefer, download the pdf here (oder die deutsche Version hier). (Please re-load this pdf-download link if it doesn’t work immediately.)

Newsletter published


Dear friends,

we have finally finished our latest newsletter, which you can view online here (oder hier auf deutsch). As always, find our latest news on our blog (ralphdeb.info) or look at our newsletters on ralphdeb.info/news.

Thanks for reading!

Newsletter published

Hello friends,
we have just published our latest newsletter which you can view here (oder hier auf deutsch). If you have missed any previous ones, you can always find them on www.ralphdeb.info/news. Thanks for reading and we would love your feedback!
If you are a visual person, find some recent pictures on your social media sites, Google+ (Ralph) or Facebook (Debbie), or simply go to www.ralphdeb.info/photos.


For those of you who missed our last newsletter, here it is.
Oder auch auf deutsch ;-)

Sorry that it took so long to get completed. We always appreciate any feedback or comments.
Thanks for taking interest!

Newsletter posted / Rundbrief abgeschickt

Our latest newsletter covering May till August 2014 is fresh out the press. View it online now or download the pdf version on our website: ralphdeb.info/news
Unser neuer Rundbrief ist herausgekommen.  Schaue ihn Dir hier online an oder lade ihn von unserer Website herunter: ralphdeb.info/news