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Photos – finally!

Some exciting news: we have a new “photos” page on our website! Now you can finally see all those snapshots that we always wanted to show you….: www.ralphdeb.info/photos
I have just now posted the pictures of the last two “MESCAPES” courses which had their final exhibitions mid March. What a joy to see the children and youth get so excited to put their work from the workshops on display. They really put a lot of effort in making it presentable – and I am so glad that the purpose of the course was accomplished: the voiceless got a voice – at least for a day!
Justice CREATES creates justice
My highlight: a young colored boy was being interviewed by two older white ladies about his display – there was curiosity and laughter. A beautiful picture of racial unity and care for the underprivileged. This creates justice and that’s the very reason why we started the program “Justice CREATES”.