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New Resources now available

The Sacred Journey - Journaling for HealingJustice Creates for Kids

(deutsche Version weiter unten…)

We are excited to let you know that two of the courses we have been running over the years are now published and ready to be shared. God has used both of these courses to touch lives and now you too can get a copy of the manuals and run the courses in your church or community.
‘The Sacred Journey: Journaling for Healing’ is a course that helps participants try various ways to creatively express their journey and learn from each other’s stories in a healing, safe context. It can be used in home groups, in the church or as an outreach tool to bless or get to know your community. Let us know if you would like to order an English copy. It is currently being translated into German.
‘Justice Creates for Kids’ is a course designed for children aged 5 to about 12 years – an addition to the already published ‘Justice Creates’ course. If you work with children who have not had a chance to express themselves or whose lives have experienced injustice, it is a great resource to use. This could be refugee children, inner-city children, abused children, migrant children or children who are dealing with stress or transition. The art activities are most simple in nature, but run along the theme ‘what it is like to be me’, together with various reflection exercises and activities, culminating in an exhibition to celebrate the children’s achievements. This English resource is free to download at www.ralphdeb.info/downloads.

Begeistert dürfen wir Euch mitteilen, dass zwei neue englische Kursbücher nun fertig sind von Kursen, die wir in den letzten Jahren gehalten und entwickelt haben. Gott hat beide Kurse dazu gebraucht, Herzen zu verändern, und nun wird es vielen anderen möglich, diese in ihren Kirchen oder anderen Diensten anzubieten.
‘Tagebuchschreiben: Wege zur Heilung’ ist ein Kurs, der Teilnehmer dazu anregt, auf vielfältige Weise ihren eigenen Lebensweg zu Papier zu bringen und in sicherer Umgebung von den Erfahrungen anderer zu lernen. Er kann in Hauskreisen, als Gemeindeveranstaltung oder als karitatives Angebot mit Fremden eingesetzt werden. Lass uns wissen, falls Du eine englische Ausgabe erwerben möchtest – die deutsche Ausgabe ist zur Zeit in Bearbeitung.
‘Justice Creates für Kinder’ ist ein Kurs für Kinder von 5 bis ca. 12 Jahren – als Ergänzung zu dem schon erhältlichen Programm ‘Justice Creates’ für Erwachsene. Falls Du mit englisch-sprachigen Kindern arbeitest, die Ungerechtigkeit erfahren haben oder die wenig Gelegenheit zu Kreativität hatten, ist dieser Kurs ideal. Es könnten Flüchtlingskinder sein, Kinder aus Armenvierteln, missbrauchte oder nicht-ansässige Kinder, die wenig Stabilität und viel Stress in ihrem Leben haben. Die Kunstübungen sind sehr einfach und unter dem Thema ‘wie es ist, ich selbst zu sein’ immer gekoppelt mit verschiedenen Meditationen oder Spielen. Krönender Abschluss ist eine Ausstellung, um den kreativen Erfolg der Teilnehmer zu feiern. Das englische Handbuch kann auf www.ralphdeb.info/downloads umsonst heruntergeladen werden.

Justice Creates – download



For those who were interested in the manual we wrote, using creativity and personal development: Here it is as free download (click the link on the bottom of the page). Please use it freely and let me know any feedback you might have – I am interested to hear it.

Photos – finally!

Some exciting news: we have a new “photos” page on our website! Now you can finally see all those snapshots that we always wanted to show you….: www.ralphdeb.info/photos
I have just now posted the pictures of the last two “MESCAPES” courses which had their final exhibitions mid March. What a joy to see the children and youth get so excited to put their work from the workshops on display. They really put a lot of effort in making it presentable – and I am so glad that the purpose of the course was accomplished: the voiceless got a voice – at least for a day!
Justice CREATES creates justice
My highlight: a young colored boy was being interviewed by two older white ladies about his display – there was curiosity and laughter. A beautiful picture of racial unity and care for the underprivileged. This creates justice and that’s the very reason why we started the program “Justice CREATES”.

Justice CREATES goes public

MID Feb 2013 Newsletter

The Muizenberg Improvement District published a nice article in its February newsletter about the 1-week Justice CREATES workshop with at-risk-children, which we held in Lavender Hill in December (see our blog post from December). We have approached the community initiative to help fund an ongoing program with these kids at Village Care Center. Let’s hope it works out!

Also, some of the very art that these youngsters created is now on display in a local gallery (MM gallery) in Muizenberg. This brings such a dignity to these young “artists” (not “street children”!).

Justice CREATES – street kids create art

I had the amazing opportunity to run a portion of our new “Justice CREATES” course with a noisy and interesting bunch of children from the township “Lavender Hill” last week. Others would call them “street kids”, but that is surely not their destiny, and the whole week was designed to keep them from that place. These are the words I would use to describe this incredible experience:

heartwarming and nerve-wrecking, exciting and frustrating, creative and chaotic, hugs and grabbing, joyful creation and torn-up art, colorful printing and grey pencil lines, 3D building and chalk murals, soooo many emails, helpers that came and helpers that didn’t, diligent collage tearing and hands covered in glue, movies and teaching, gratitude and time-outs, lots of new friends made, so much potential but such a sad baggage to carry, lovely kids with lost parents, unforgettable smiles and moments of pride, posing with that piece of artwork that tells who they are: “Take a picture of me!” And gladly I did – but I can only show the photos without faces here:


(Click to see the slideshow)

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