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An Everyday Abolitionist: Take the challenge!


Sometimes you may think you have to be some kind of professional to change the world, especially when it comes to important stuff like human trafficking. But I have a radical thought: You can be ordinary to do the extraordinary.

A stay-at-home-mom can be an abolitionist.

Well, let me tell you, I am mostly a mother. Yes, we are connected to an anti-trafficking organization, and yes I happen to be a “missionary” but mostly, truly, very truly, I am a mother. My life is mostly the ordinary business that fills most mother’s lives around the world. Cooking, laundry, grocery shopping, running kids to activities, and even homeschooling. Sometimes my life is so full of the “stuff” of life that I cannot imagine how I can make a difference in the “real” stuff.

But then God.

We serve a God who specializes in breaking into the ordinary, mundane moments of our lives and making them extraordinarily miraculous.

This week I have been especially burdened by the young age of the girls in our city who are falling prey to sexual exploitation and violence. I have felt burdened to pray, to cry with God at this heart-breaking reality.  I know how powerful prayer is yet I somehow felt small and helpless.

Then I was driving home from dropping my daughter to school and passed a shopping center and I knew I must take action. A few weeks before I was looking at school supplies with my kids at this stationary shop, only to turn around and find my son staring at a pornographic cartoon greeting card, directly at his eye-level on the shelf. I quickly left the shop in a rush and an outrage.

Now, I felt God saying…”You are disturbed by the sexual violence but this is where it starts, in subtle ways. You can put a stop to this.” I went to speak to the manager, whispering prayers along the way, and showed him the pornographic cards, directly across from Children’s books. He was shocked, saying that the distributor put them there without him even knowing. He removed all the cards and thanked me.


It was so easy. A very small thing. Something small that a stay-at-home-mom can do, yet I felt so empowered. I can change the world with my voice. I can make a difference.

From there I stopped at a clothing outlet. A middle aged man was tediously sorting through little girl panties, picking out every pair of white G-strings in the smallest size. He stood before me in line and purchased 20 of them. As he left I asked the cashier if that seemed creepy to her. She confided to me that they get several men come in and purchase sexy girl things in mass quantity. I got to share with her about human trafficking, sex trafficking of young women and girls. She asked me to bring her more information and what to do if she saw men like this again.

You can change the world in the midst of your ordinary. You can be an every day abolitionist.

1. Get informed about human/sex trafficking. A very simple place to start is here: The A-21 Campaign

2. Pray. A good place to start: The Salvation Army’s Human Trafficking Prayer Guide

3. Allow God to meet you in the midst of the everyday. God will open up your eyes, allow you to see things, use your voice to speak out and give you opportunities to take action.

And you don’t need a degree or even leave the country.

It is that easy.

Why? Because God is looking for ordinary, everyday people who are driving to work, pumping gas, shopping, and even stay-at-home moms to carry the burdens on His heart and make a difference. It is that simple.

Take the challenge and comment below. Encourage me with your stories of God using you in the everyday.

(**Photo credit: Ralph… a demonstration in Cape Town he was a part of that sought to shut down a night club where the women working there are allegedly trafficked.)