Update on the Fundraiser for S-Cape

This is an update on the Safe-House building campaign from April 18th:

Dear supporters,

We want to thank you for journeying with us and donating towards the S-Cape
building project. God has blessed us and we have been touched by your
generosity over the past few weeks. Since our appeal email, we have received a little bit less than 60,000 ZAR (about $8,571 or €6,315) donations towards the purchase of our safe house building.

The current situation:
The man (Sangoma, or spiritual healer) who wishes to buy the property has
been given until the end of May 2012 to sell his apartment, in order to be
able to buy the house. If he sells it before then, the deal is over and he
gets it. If not, we have a little longer to fundraise.

The board of trustees met on Thursday (12th April) to discuss this
issue. We still believe it is possible for God to come through with the money still needed (around $230,000 or €168,000)! We trust He will keep all the other doors closed and give us favour with time in order to bring an offer forward!

A few people have been asking, ‘what if …?’
More than ever before, we believe that we *are* supposed to buy *this* building that we are in
right now. We plan to secure the money donated towards the building in our Trust account. In the case it falls through, we’d like to give donors the choice to be refunded or to participate in the cost of whatever property we’ll be presented with at that time.

Thank you again for all your kindness and generosity in partnering with us
through this. Let’s keep standing by Faith together!

Miryam Danam (S-cape director)

For more info: www.s-cape-home.org or email: campaign@justiceacts.org

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