Our Story

God used the movie “Field of Dreams” to speak to us about our own “wild goose chase”, a life journey that keeps taking another unexpected turn. In order to understand the full meaning of his calling to build a baseball field in his own corn crops, the main character Ray had to follow the “voice” to other places of preparation. If he had not followed the first clue, he would have missed the next one. In the process, he blesses others who are disillusioned about their own calling. This parallels our own situation as we feel God is leading us to one place only to discover our next destination. The wild goose in our case is the wind of the Holy Spirit which “blows wherever it pleases…” (John 3:8). This symbol was used by the early Celtic Christians as a picture of the Holy Spirit.

Wedding Day

Both of us have been in missions before we got married, but the new thing is to figure out how to do this as a couple and family. This Wild Goose Chase has taken us to train with Youth With A Mission in Kona (Hawaii) in 2010 and then to remain on this island for another season as YWAM staff in the ministry department “Voice for the Voiceless” (photogenX).

We have served and lived in Cape Town, South Africa, along with our two children Lukas and Lily since 2011. We are sent by a mission organization called Globe Mission and work in South Africa in partnership with World Outreach and Justice ACTs International“.