Never Once Did We Ever Walk Alone

This song is dedicated to you. If you are reading this blog, chances are you have been walking with us, caring and praying.

We sang this song at church this morning, you can listen to it here:

“Never Once” by Matt Redman

and my eyes were full of tears of gratitude.

God has been so faithful to never leave us alone.

When I look back on last year, 2011, and the ups and downs that came with the challenges of Ralph’s health and the huge steps of faith to make the move to South Africa, God did not leave us alone but brought people like you, just at the right moment to walk with us. Thank you for walking with us through prayers, through notes of encouragement, meals, money, hugs, babysitting, packages, bills paid, hospitality, treats for our kids and simply listening to our hearts and believing in us.

So thankful that God walks with us. So thankful that He uses people like you.

2 Responses to Never Once Did We Ever Walk Alone

  1. meg (kirk) gehlert

    oh deb! we rejoice with you at how the Lord has been and will continue to be faithful! the bible says it’s better to obey is better than to sacrifice, however, often times obeying also includes sacrifice. i know that your obedience and sacrifice is a sweet smelling fragrance to the throne room of our Lord!

  2. Naomi Sensenig

    I like that song, too, and it’s one of Ephrata Community Church’s favorites so we get to sing it often. I for one, need to spend more time celebrating God’s faithfulness. And yes, I do think sometimes of how many difficulties the Lord has brought you safely through to be where you are today. Yay, God!