Justice CREATES – street kids create art

I had the amazing opportunity to run a portion of our new “Justice CREATES” course with a noisy and interesting bunch of children from the township “Lavender Hill” last week. Others would call them “street kids”, but that is surely not their destiny, and the whole week was designed to keep them from that place. These are the words I would use to describe this incredible experience:

heartwarming and nerve-wrecking, exciting and frustrating, creative and chaotic, hugs and grabbing, joyful creation and torn-up art, colorful printing and grey pencil lines, 3D building and chalk murals, soooo many emails, helpers that came and helpers that didn’t, diligent collage tearing and hands covered in glue, movies and teaching, gratitude and time-outs, lots of new friends made, so much potential but such a sad baggage to carry, lovely kids with lost parents, unforgettable smiles and moments of pride, posing with that piece of artwork that tells who they are: “Take a picture of me!” And gladly I did – but I can only show the photos without faces here:


(Click to see the slideshow)

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