Furlough in Pennsylvania and Maryland

Beautiful mums reminded us of our wedding decorations. Click on the picture to see a slideshow

Our furlough to the “mainland” as it is called in Hawaii was a short 3 weeks, but filled with so many wonderful visits with family and friends. We spent one week in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and two weeks in Hagerstown, Maryland. It was great to speak in our churches in both places, as we explained more details about our vision. The greatest times though had the kids while spending time with their grandparents. We come back to Hawaii with great memories and a refreshed sense that we are not forgotten, just like God promises us that “our labor of love is not forgotten” (Heb 6:10).

One Response to Furlough in Pennsylvania and Maryland

  1. Hi Debi & Ralph – I’m at work thinking & reflecting on what the date November 16th now means to all of us and how it seems impossible to be a year since we were all together for a bittersweet time in our lives due to Ruth’s passing. It still is extremely difficult to think that she will not be calling to talk or to see her anymore at family gatherings or anything we all did together.
    I looked at the beautiful pictures you shared from your visit here and in Pennsylvania. I always enjoy reading the news & looking at the picture from you so that I can pray for your special needs and rejoice in all the things that you both are doing there in Hawaii.
    Congratulations Ralph on finally becoming a US citizen. I know that it is now a big relief to have that behind you. Please give some hugs & kisses to Lukas and Lilly from me.
    Love to all of you, Aunt Rachel