Finally a U.S. citizen

Almost a year after my application, and a lot of testing of my patience, I now can call myself both a German and a U.S citizen!

The certificate of Naturalization

The notice to appear in Honolulu for an “important business matter” did not give me much indication of what to expect. Thankfully, the officer was understanding to my objections to bear arms for the U.S. and approved me to take the oath on the next day (November 2nd), which I did.

At the Waikiki beach in Honolulu

This gave me an unexpected second day in Hawaii’s capital, I even had a bed to spend the night, thanks to the spontaneous hospitality of YWAM Honolulu. I guess there are worse places in the world to get stuck at… :-) The sunset was just outstanding….!

Sunset at Waikiki

2 Responses to Finally a U.S. citizen

  1. Congratulations, Ralph, on becoming a citizen! I hope you had an easy time after all the things we helped you study! -Michael M.

  2. Yes, the test was really not too hard. Thanks so much for your help and resources!!!