Change is… for growth

Recently in the YWAM base worship, we heard a message about ‘change’. The speaker quoted Jesus’ words ‘be wise as serpents…’ (Matt 10:16) and illustrated with pictures how serpents leave their old skins behind numerous times in their life. What a good reminder for us not to get too comfortable in our own skin. Change is the only thing in life that is constant  because it is healthy and necessary from time to time as it supports growth.

One Response to Change is… for growth

  1. Naomi Sensenig

    That reminds me of something the Lord did for me a number of years ago. I was in a meeting where an invitation was given to come to the altar, and while there I had a mental picture of a snake shedding its skin. I felt the Lord say, “That’s you, shedding your fears.” And it really did make a difference in my daily life. Thank You, Jesus! May we all continue to shed the dead skin so that His life may come forth in freedom.