Cape Town Campaign (2)

On December 1st, the “World AIDS Day”, some of our Justice ACTS team members went to Cape Town once again, this time to demonstrate in front of a Night Club. “Mavericks” has more than 100 women “employed”, but has failed to prove to the Immigration Authorities that they have legal working papers. This raises a huge red flag when it comes to Human Trafficking. The demonstration was a joint effort of several NGO’s who want to bring this business down and encourage the High Court to give such a ruling in a pending court case initiated by the Department of Home Affairs.

I am holding a sign “Pass the TIP bill”, a comprehensive law about Trafficking in Persons, which the South African government has still not passed after almost 2 years of discussion about it. Even though our group was small, a photo appeared in the local newspaper “Cape Argus” the next day!

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