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CNN writes about the prison we work in

Check out this interesting and shocking CNN article about Pollsmoor prison. This is the same prison we minister in every week. Unfortunately the one mistake CNN made is the fact that this remand center is only one of many others at Pollsmoor prison. So the statistics in the table are referring only to the remand center not the entire prison which currently has about 9000 inmates.

CNN article about Pollsmoor

Christmas Newsletter

Hello friends
We have published our latest newsletter, covering the eventful months of October to December. You can read it online here (oder hier auf deutsch). There are also new photos uploaded under
We wish you all a very blessed Christmas!

Newsletter published


Dear friends,

we have finally finished our latest newsletter, which you can view online here (oder hier auf deutsch). As always, find our latest news on our blog ( or look at our newsletters on

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2.9 billion are ‘unreached’

Interesting statistical data about the state of world evangelisation. The focus has shifted from 10/40 window to number of unreached people groups. Worth sharing with your friends…

See here for a more detailed map

Newsletter published

Hello friends,
we have just published our latest newsletter which you can view here (oder hier auf deutsch). If you have missed any previous ones, you can always find them on Thanks for reading and we would love your feedback!
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