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What it feels like to be me…

God says we need to love our enemies. It hard to do. But it can start by telling the truth. No one had ever asked me what it feel like to be me. Once I told the truth about that, I felt free. ”  Aibileen, from”The Help Movie

So many have never had the chance to simply share with another person “what it is like to be me”. They have no voice and seemingly no one cares.

Like the little boy I met on the street today, begging. He is nine but is as tall as my 6 year old. His mother is addicted to tic, also known as crystal meth. He spends his weekends roaming the streets of our town with other little boys begging for food and then dividing it among themselves. Ralph and I took a moment to hear his pain and his story. It honestly would have been easier to simply share some food instead of having to share his load of pain. My heart is still hurting.


How many around us carry stories of pain, secret hidden stories that never find a voice?

This week I was struck again with the power in simply listening to someone’s story. Ralph is leading “Justice Creates” courses where youth, at-risk of being exploited or trafficked, come to create art on the theme, “What is it like to be?” I have the best job, I get to help by hearing their stories. Those who want to give words to what they have created, come to us and we record their stories.


It is holy, sacred ground. When they begin to speak, I feel the presence of God, it is thick, it is Heaven touching earth.

Honestly, I can’t explain why. Maybe it is because God is present in their story. They have a sacred journey because they are made in the image of Creator God and this Divine creativity is flowing through them. Maybe it is because God just loves them so much that when they open their mouths to share from their depths, all of Heaven leans forward to listen?


Tears are the norm. Tears of gratefulness over a mother who cares and is there for them. Tears of bundled up anger at a father who left and doesn’t come back. Tears of fear over a mother without work. Tears of relief that someone has heard their story for the first time.

When asked how it felt to tell her story, one young girl told me:

I felt like a piece of me was lifted, like something was lifted off my shoulders. Cause now I got to talk about it, because I’ve never told anyone I haven’t talked to anybody what’s happening so it feels really good. Cause at least now somebody will be able to feel what I feel like…be able to know much I hurt.”

I challenge you, take the time to ask someone what it is like to be them. Even those we live with, in our home, people we work with every day, carpool with… do we really know what it is like to be them?

Wanna change the world?….I dare you to ask!