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Hearing God in the Cough

So I’ve been to the “How to Hear God’s Voice” conferences, read the books and had the teachings but none prepare you for the hearing God’s voice in the cough.

When your little daughter is coughing all night until she turns blue, screeches, gasping for breath like a dying duck then vomits not once but MANY times over again. Then 3 doctors in a row tell you she is fine, laugh at your worries and send you home… now this is the stuff that they need to teach on. How does a worried mom hear the still small VOICE when all the chaos and naysayers around you are saying all is well. How do you trust your heart that is saying all is not well, keep fighting.

Keep fighting? Really God? But I am so tired, so very tired.

Stand and fight.

But God, I am so tired and they all the “experts” told me that she is fine.

I am Your Shepherd and you know my voice. I am the Great Physician. Who are you going to listen to?


So I keep researching, I keep calling, I keep pestering, I keep questioning and bugging the doctors and insisting until all I can do is go hide in the bathroom and have a good cry. But then God tells me keep fighting. Get the blood tests, insist on the treatments, take a crazy adventure drive just to see the Christian homeopathic doctor. Do it.

I feel a bit like Noah. The weather experts around are predicting drought and he is building for flood conditions. The doctors are telling me to send her to school, expose her to everyone, even babies when I know deep inside, the small, big VOICE is telling me it is pertussis.

Just when I think I cannot take it anymore I get this random email message from a friend who I barely know, never hear from and he says, how can I pray for you? Is there something that you need prayer for?


I cry again and this prayer from across the miles, sent to me in the middle of his night, that God would lay me, this weary to the bone, bleary-eyed, weepy, yet fighting mother on his heart gives me the strength to keep fighting.

The tests results come back, after being sent to 4 different labs and 10 days later we learn what God had whispered in our ear 2 weeks ago. She has pertussis or whooping cough.

The doctor finally sounds worried on the phone. The same doctor who laughed at my concern is now anxious. Is she OK?

Yes. The voice of the Great Physician over-rided yours and we have already treated her and she is doing better.

Oh that’s good! Bye!

That is all. No apologies, no I am sorry for missing it, just goodbye.

Intimacy with God, hearing His voice, is not for simply the prayer meetings, “alter ministry”, prophetic sessions, church services and Bible quiet times. It is in the cough, in the puke, in the sleepless nights when all else fails you and you only have the One. All those trainings are for these times if they are for anything. They are for finding the the VOICE in the cough.

Justice CREATES goes public

MID Feb 2013 Newsletter

The Muizenberg Improvement District published a nice article in its February newsletter about the 1-week Justice CREATES workshop with at-risk-children, which we held in Lavender Hill in December (see our blog post from December). We have approached the community initiative to help fund an ongoing program with these kids at Village Care Center. Let’s hope it works out!

Also, some of the very art that these youngsters created is now on display in a local gallery (MM gallery) in Muizenberg. This brings such a dignity to these young “artists” (not “street children”!).