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Like attending my own funeral

Reading my birthday gift felt a bit like attending my own funeral… in the very best way possible. The web page that Ralph organized for me, with love and kind words from friends and family around the world, felt like a tribute and I am thankful to be alive to hear it.

Usually we wait until people die until we shower them with love and encouragement like this. What a better place this world would be if we did this here and now, on this side of eternity.

I cried so many tears…deep, heart-felt, touched to the core of my being, overwhelmed-by-love tears. Healing, beautiful tears. Thank you. I am truly, utterly full of gratitude. What a gift your words are to me!

Be the answer…

Do you remember this blog post from August when I reported on the amazing cease fire that happened among the gangs in Lavender Hill, a neighborhood not far from us? Well it is still happening and here is a BBC news video to prove it:

Do you hear it? As you watched the video, does you heart not hear it? Do you hear the desperation, the pleas, the cries, the silent prayers coming from Lavender Hill, from the gangsters, for someone to be the answer, for someone to help them find a new way?

In August, I wrote this about the gang cease fire:

“The gang leaders even implored the local churches and mosques to take care of the young boys that they had been grooming for gang warfare. This is what we prayed for, that the church would be ready to embrace the gangs. We still need to see this answered.”

God set me up with this simple sentence….

We still need to see this answered.

God tapped Ralph and myself on the shoulder and said, “so why not you?” but God did it in a sneaky way.

Our city asked us to work with street kids back in December ( you can read about it HERE) and we thought it would be in our town. Little did we know that we would work in Lavender Hill with the very same kids the gang leaders wanted the church to care for. The very same kids we were praying that the Church would care for.

God said YOU are my church, so what are YOU going to do about it?

It is easy to pray for others to rise up, and prayer is powerful, but then there comes a time when we must be willing to be the answer to our own prayers.

Honestly, since December, since working with those kids in Lavender Hill for just a week, we cannot get them out of our hearts. We keep running into them on the street and we find ourselves looking for them every where we go.

IMG_5418 IMG_5419



We found one of the young guys at church last week. He surprised us with his beaming smile and his clean clothes, we hardly recognized him.  A mama in our church is his neighbor and when he arrived at her door that Sunday morning, wearing but torn rags,  she dressed him and embraced him as her own.

She is my hero. She is the “church” I prayed for to rise up. Yet, I must too.

We are not finished in Lavender Hill, actually we have just begun. We will keep you posted but in the mean time, pray for us, to have the courage to be the answer.

Pray for yourself too, that YOU will be willing to be the answer to your own prayers.