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A Highlight of this edition is the story of Tish:

Tish (name changed) comes from a small village in northern South Africa, but ended up in Cape Town when she fell in love with a Nigerian man who promised to find her a job in the big city. She moved with him only to find the ‘job’ was placing her on the street corner and forcing her to sell her body and give him the wages. He stripped her of all documents and did not allow her to contact anyone from home. Drugs were part of the house rules and were forced upon her every night before heading out to ‘work’.

At first chance she escaped, only to be found again and put in solitary confinement. She was told she had to stay locked in a room for two weeks. READ MORE HERE…

Change is… for growth

Recently in the YWAM base worship, we heard a message about ‘change’. The speaker quoted Jesus’ words ‘be wise as serpents…’ (Matt 10:16) and illustrated with pictures how serpents leave their old skins behind numerous times in their life. What a good reminder for us not to get too comfortable in our own skin. Change is the only thing in life that is constant  because it is healthy and necessary from time to time as it supports growth.