Monthly Archives: March 2012

God met us in the ambulance…

Today I woke up heavy for so many hurting people. After a time of casting all these cares onto God I took my daughter and her little buddy from the S-cape, the safe house on an outing to the library and park. Walking in the sunshine breathing in the fresh air did my spirits so good. I felt a deep sense of peace.

Then at the playground while my back was turned I heard a loud thud, then silence then choking wails from my daughter. A mother’s heart somehow knows when her baby is not OK. She was coughing and crying for 30 minutes straight, saying her back hurt. Took her home and she continued to lay down and moan, cry and choke for an hour. This mama knew all was not fine and called the paramedic to find out if she needed to go to hospital.

They said they would come and check her out. They felt she needed to be seen by a doctor so loaded her up in the ambulance and our ambulance attendant on duty just so happened to be Michelle, the wife of one of our mission leaders. I shared with her that I sent out an alarm for prayer before leaving the house and that at this moment people in the US and all over the city were praying.

Lily who was laying down on my shoulder moaning and crying, suddenly sat up straight, stopped crying and was immediately fine. Michelle, looked me straight in the eye and said, ” You are not crazy! I saw that! Do not second guess yourself. Something just happened.”

Lily told us her back did not hurt anymore. When we got to the hospital Michelle relayed the incident details to the nurses and then said, “But then a miracle happened in the ambulance and she has completely turned around for the good.” The nurse shouted out, “Praise God! I believe! Not many will understand, but I believe!” All her vital signs were improved and she no longer had any sign of a concussion.

She walked around, went to the bathroom and refused to sit still, all while waiting to be seen by the doctor. As we waited all of a sudden loud music came onto the radio from the nurses lounge, filling the hallway where we sat. “Our God is greater, our God is stronger, our God is higher than any other. Our God is healer, awesome in power, Our God!” Right there in the hospital hall I started belting out the worship song, along with Chris Tomlin.

There have been so many challenges that our loved ones and ministry have been facing this past week. I have been singing this song all week, and just to confirm it to me, God sang it back to me in that dingy, dirty hospital hallway.

God loves to meet us in the most unexpected places and remind us that he is bigger, stronger, greater than all we are facing and that “If our God is for us, than who can stand against us!”