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Giants Still Fall…

We saw a giant fall this week… it doesn’t happen just in children’s Bible story books but real life David faith in God, that looks small in the world’s eyes, is still knocking over Goliath size problems, TODAY.

Here is an update to this blog post, from the beginning of December. The GIANT is an strip club establishment raking in thousands of dollars each night to “entertain” men with mostly foreign girls who are highly suspected to be trafficked.

Mavericks... the Giant


The day after Ralph and other staff demonstrated outside the strip club, they felt very small, wondering what difference can it make. Ralph’s picture was in the paper for this and we wondered if it was even safe.

But then God, through prayer together gave us courage and spoke to us that though our acts of faith seem small, this Giant will fall.So we declared together that this club will fall.

We could hardly believe it but over two months later we see God’s promises fulfilled… it is reality. “Mavericks” was forced to shut down due to government laws that no longer allowed them to “employ” so many foreign workers.

Take courage friends, God is a God who sees the cries of the exploited and those who seek to defend them. He will take action to bring JUSTICE as we pray in faith. We will see more Giants fall… but until then… keep flinging those stones of faith.



To the least of these…

Since whatever you do for the “least of these” is like doing it for Jesus, then what better way to bless Jesus on his birthday than to serve the poor. Actually it is a great thing to do allĀ  year long, but growing up in my family, it became a Christmas tradition, one that I seek to pass onto my children.

This year Ralph and I chose to help our kids bless a ministry called “Sibongile”, a night and day care center for kids with cerebal palsy (

We baked Christmas cookies for the house mothers that take care of these children, day and night. The ladies from the Justice ACTS ministry, S-Cape home (, where I serve, helped to bake and deliver them.

cookie baking

Lily is sporting her ski cap, getting into the festive mode, despite the summer temps here!

We then delivered the cookie packages on Christmas eve and prayed with the house mothers and took time to love on the children. It was so fun to see the ladies from S-cape being able to give back at Christmas, or pay it forward. They were lifted from the victim status to ministering servants with much to give.

On the way to Sibongile, turning off the main road leads you to row upon row of shacks. Amidst the poverty, children with disabilities can get overlooked.

Delivering Christmas cookies and gifts

Hoping that though my kids are young, they will start to get that Christmas is not about what they ask for and unwrap. It is deeper, much deeper and found in the smile of someone you bless with love, especially those that Jesus identifies with, the poor.

Sometimes you never know if they are really getting it and then you are blessed with a gift like when I asked Lukas last week what he wants to be when he grows up. He thought a minute then exclaimed, “I want to cook food and then put it out on our wall for the homeless.” I actually have a lot to learn from him….

Praying for the house mothers