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Cape Town Campaign (1)

Our Justice ACTS team was invited to be the guest speakers at the “Women in Action Awareness Campaign on Human Trafficking” of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in Cape Town. This meant for me to jump head-on into performing in a drama and to be the main speaker at this 2-hour event, where about 1500 people from all over the Western Cape attended. This was the largest crowd I had ever addressed, but God gave me such a peace that I was not even nervous.

Talking about Human Trafficking can be a heavy thing, but seeing this auditorium full of women who are passionate to bring about change, really gave me hope that a movement against this crime is slowly arising. The denominational group “Women in Action” is made up of pastors’ wives and I have rarely seen churches that empower women like that!

Since we are in Africa, the program started over an hour late – which led some ladies to initiate a spontaneous dance parade in front of the stage… – quite entertaining! After the event, all of our team was amazed at God’s favor on our relatively small organization Justice ACTS, as the organizers told us that they will donate all proceeds from the sale of “freedom bracelets” to us…. Wow!

Dreams come true….

Our landing in Cape Town, November 4, 2011

Stepping off the plane onto the ground of South Africa 2 weeks ago, knowing I am here to live, was a fulfillment of a long-awaited dream.

Finally here to live! with our many suitcases...

In 2003, I first stepped foot in this nation. At the time, I shamefully did not know the nation existed, simply thought I was going to southern Africa to a retreat to learn about missionary care. Little did I know that God had a plan to hijack my heart on this trip and give it to this nation and it’s people. My friend from America arranged for me to meet her friends at the Jo-burg airport as I flew out. They saw me and prophesied to me, “So, you are the one who thinks you are only coming for a visit, but really you will come back to live.” When I got on the plane to go home, they showed a short film about South Africa’s children. I could not stop the tears. My heart was broken for this nation and in love with the people.

Since this initial visit the tug on my heart to this land has not relented. Many times I thought my time to live here would never come. Then a year ago I met a new friend Arli, in Kona. We prayed together and she shared a picture God gave her of us sitting together in my living room in my home near Muizenberg, South Africa. She felt like we would work together.

This dream too is fulfilled. She contacted me and is now in South Africa and will come and serve with us in Justice ACTS. She will live with us in our home.

Sometimes dreams are a long time in coming. I had to wait 8 1/2 years to see mine fulfilled, very short in the scheme of things, but such a long journey just the same. May you have hope in your journey to wait on God’s timing for the dreams on your heart. Never stop believing that dreams do come true…