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You are invited – Du bist eingeladen

Falls Du in der Nähe von Darmstadt bist, bist Du herzlich zu dieser Veranstaltung eingeladen. Die Adresse ist Kahlertstrasse 26, 64293 Darmstadt:

If you are in Darmstadt/Germany at this time, here is something you should not miss. The address is Kahlertstrasse 26, 64293 Darmstadt:

A YWAM castle experience













Every year the YWAM team in Hurlach celebrates the “Schlossfest” (castle feast). This year we got to be part of this event that attracted an estimated 800 guests. Our trip to the Bavarian south of Germany was initially set up to complete the administration needed to be sent out to South Africa by YWAM Germany. As a side-effect, we got to know the staff of the base as we helped in the many tasks needed to host this incredible event. What a wonderful experience – and I even got to wear genuine Bavarian “Lederhos’n”…. quite tight!

Heaven Is For Real

2 weeks ago we said goodbye, once again, to loved ones and embarked on a new journey with Father God.
In the Baltimore/Washington Airport as we stood in the security line we said our final goodbyes to my parents as they gave us one last squeeze and kiss with cheeks streaming full of tears.
Somehow, in a moment that I expected would be wrecked with pain, there was a peace that held me. I heard in my spirit the words, “Heaven is for real!”. I felt God’s gentle whisper to me that though He calls us to leave family, this is only temporary. We will spend eternity together… forever. This is not our home. This simple truth brought so much comfort.
As I waited in line, God brought to my mind many missionaries who not only said goodbye but had no phones, skype or email, yet they laid down their lives because they lived for Eternity. Heaven was for real to them.
Then I looked up and saw a T-shirt in front of me that said “Just Do It” and God spoke to me that when we keep in mind that Heaven is our reality, we have the strength to “just do” whatever God calls us to, without fear that we are missing out.
Then on our way to the gate, a soldier in full army fatigues, looking like he was on the way to battle, passed me.  Felt God speaking that if this soldier is willing to lay down his life for the sake of his country, then how much more should I delight in the privilege of being an ambassador of the KING of Kings, Tears came to my eyes as I once again said to God, “This is no sacrifice”…
Finally, when I arrived at our gate, the first person I saw was a girl reading the book, “Heaven Is for Real”. I laughed and said to God, “Ok, I get your point!”
I had heard of this book and had been wanting to read it. I chatted with the lady reading it and told her that simply seeing her read this book, God spoke volumes of comfort to me as I left everything to follow God’s call to Africa.
Even though on this side of Eternity I will miss lots of family reunions, weddings, new babies and parties, I am comforted with the reminder that I will not miss the biggest celebration of all time. Knowing “heaven is for real” makes all the difference.