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Adventures in the Amish land of health…

Amish country disadvantage... the traffic jams! =)

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we are in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We are here for a few weeks of rest and healing for Ralph. He’s been dealing with an undiagnosed colon problem, that could be Crohn’s disease, since the beginning of the year.

Lancaster County is the PERFECT place to do the natural, health diet for him and no one else does it more naturally than the Amish. Though most noted for their horse and buggies, which draw many tourists, a hidden secret is their passion for natural remedies and health food.

They have upgraded and now have a sign on the road. I was surprised..

Turned down the store's lane and found this scenery...

I honestly never knew these little down-on-the-farm “health shops” ever existed until my grandmother gave me the book “Patient Heal Thyself” by Jordan Rubin, probably 10 years ago. I had some health problems at the time and a friend helped me to find the book’s recommended remedies at a hidden away Amish farm. When Ralph was sick and decided to use this book too, I knew exactly where to go to find the help we needed.

The "Super Store" of Amish health

Glick’s farm is the cheapest but the selection is not so varied. Miller’s farm on the other hand is the “one-stop” health food shopping experience in Amish land. They are even open on Thursdays, traditional Amish wedding day, which is quite “worldly” but good for business.

Amish shopping is fun for all ages!

Since starting this diet over a week ago, Ralph has felt better and better to the point of virtually no pain.  Our Amish health adventures have been worth the effort and more exciting than the shopping mall.

Feeding our friends

I have a new appreciation for goats since this is the only kind of dairy Ralph can eat

As you can see, the Amish know how to market for the kids as we found a bakeshop, AKA… petting zoo and playground along the way!