Monthly Archives: January 2011

Call and Response Movie

This documentary is featuring 12 musicians that respond to the Call to fight Human Trafficking. It gives an overview of the 4 categories of Human Trafficking worldwide (child labor, forced labor, sex trafficking, and child soldiers) and they incorporate music videos. It’s educational and entertaining. It is online at 6pm Eastern Time on Saturday, Jan 29th (Deb’s birthday…).

Christmas Aloha

Living far from extended family this Christmas kept us from the normal holiday parties but freed us to reach out to others. Our family had the privilege of helping a local tri-athelete on the island throw a huge Christmas party for the Marshallese refugee children that we worked with this year. It was called “Aloha Christmas” as the goal was to extend welcome and love to this refugee community. We had so much fun, as you can see from the photos..

Passing out Balloons

balloon fun!

Face painting

Food and face painting make a party fun!

Lukas' best friend joined us for the day

Lukas' best friend joined us for the party!

Passing out presents

The kids sang for us

One little guy had so much fun he conked out on Ralph's lap...

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