Monthly Archives: September 2010

Coming Home!

We will be coming for a visit to Maryland and Pennsylvania and we leave tomorrow!
We would love to see you! We are planning a drop-in “thank you” dessert night for supporters and friends in Lancaster on October 3 from 5-7:30 PM. We will send you the details soon, but mark your calendars now!

We will be in Lancaster from Sept. 27 through October 4 and in Hagerstown Oct. 5-15.

Hope to see many of you!

"Mommy, I made this for you!"

After a long day of caring for not only my kids but a load of others on our campus, I was worn out. Weary of whining and tired of breaking up fights over sticks or water guns or whatever the other person had. I was finished! Then all of a sudden Lukas comes up to me and hands me this piece of floral art and said with a big grin, “Mommy, I made this for you!”
My friend who was standing there pointed out to me that this was no thrown together thing, but Lukas had carefully made a hole in the leaf and poked the flower through to keep it in place. He picked a small red bud from another tree and placed it in the center of the plumeria- a perfect fit.
This labor of love brought so much joy to my mama heart and made me wonder at how my children can be so impossible one minute yet irresistible the next. I guess that is pretty much the same way I am to my Heavenly father, whining and complaining one minute, yet praising him the next. So grateful that God’s love does not wear out as easily as mine.

Deep and Beyond Summer

So… what have we been up to this summer? Mostly we have been serving, just for the summer, with a ministry called “Deep & Beyond”. One of Ralph’s jobs was to create and launch a website, so if you want to see the fruit of his labor, check it out at:

“Deep & Beyond” helps to release individuals to experience and discover God in Creation. One of the ways they do this through “Snorkel Day”. This event makes Hawaii’s oceans accessible for people with disabilities, removing all barriers that have kept them out. This week I realized first hand what an awesome, life changing opportunity we are offering people by giving them access to the ocean, something most of us take for granted.

While shopping at Wal-Mart I met a lady and who has a brother with disabilities. I invited them to Snorkel Day and she started to cry and hug me in the middle of the store. She said that their mother died two weeks ago and now she inherited the responsibility of being full-time caregiver. She was hoping to get him involved in the community but did not know how to go about it. “I know I was supposed to be here at this moment and meet you. This was not an accident”, she said with tears of joy streaming down her face.

Then the next day our family was walking downtown and met a man who has cerebral palsy and is confined to an electronic mouth operated wheelchair. He is a nose artist, making beautiful pieces of art by painting with the tip of his nose. When I mentioned to him and his wife about “Snorkel Day” they both squealed in delight. He has never been in the ocean, ever. He has never experienced the wonder of snorkeling. His wife exclaimed: “This is the opportunity and community that we have only dreamed of!”

To see his nose paintings and read his story check out this link:

It is such an honor and a privilege to bring people into deeper levels of freedom as they have access to God’s beautiful and healing Creation!