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Hangin’ Loose

Contrary to popular opinion, life in Hawaii is not one big vacation. Though we are surrounded by tourists, we usually just look longingly at them in Walmart and wonder when our turn will be.
My parent’s visit, almost a month ago now, was finally our opportunity to be tourists too. They came for a week, which was way too short, but we managed to see much of the island in our friend’s minivan. We made priceless memories that especially our kids will cherish for a lifetime. Here are some shots of this treasured time together.

We had the privilege of sharing our ministry with them. “Snorkel Day” allows persons with disabilities to experience deeper levels of freedom in the water.

Taking time to enjoy the sunset.

Black sand beach

Craft time with Nana

The best part of it all was just being with family! Man do we miss them!

Ok, that is it for now! Maybe I’ll post some more later…

HIV/AIDS in Cape Flats – alarming!

Check out this amazing documentary of the work of MSF (Medecins sans Frontieres)…
This is in Khayelitsha, South Africa, where Deb and I had done a Bible seminar before.

(If you cannot see the 360 degree foto presentation, go to

Ralph and Deb staffed Snorkel Day

Here is a little window into what we’ve been doing lately. Check out the great pictures of Ralph and Lukas. Our entire family, including Deb’s parents who were here visiting, helped with this snorkel day, taking persons with disabilities into the ocean.
We will be helping this ministry during the next two months here in Kona, Hawaii. They help people connect with God through experiencing adventures in creation.

The Muenstermann family

Hier ist ein kleines Fenster in unser Leben. Schau Dir die Schnappschuesse von Lukas und Ralph an! Unsere gesamte Familie, inklusive Debbie’s Eltern die hier zu Besuch waren, halfen mit be diesem Einsatz, um Behinderten das Erlebnis des Meeres zu ermoeglichen.
Wir werden in diesem Dienst hier in Kona/Hawaii fuer die naechsten zwei Monate mitarbeiten. Das Ziel ist das Erkennen von Gott durch das Erleben Gottes Natur.
Viel Spass beim Lesen/Schauen!

Die Muenstermaenner

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Kona Campus – Kona News
Snorkel Day Praise Report
Posted: Jun. 28, 2010 10:29 PM GMT By <stephie>

Glory to God for a spectacular fourth snorkel day in Deep & Beyond Ministry on June 25th! We had an amazing turn out and it was beautiful to see how our Ohana worked so united and joyfully together. A BIG THANK YOU to Jesus, all our volunteers, families, caregivers, and participants for making this event possible and safe!
We rolled out the blue mobi mat, just as if we were rolling out the red carpet, to take the princes and princesses beyond themselves into deeper levels of freedom! We got the opportunity to take 12 participants into the ocean this past Friday! We had people of all different shapes, sizes, colors, and gifts. There was nothing more contagious than their smiles and joyfulness that filled Kahalu’u Beach and water!
One teenager, who is blind, buddied up with new friends and had such trust to go and explore the reefs. She got to hold a crawling brittle star and a crab and explored the feel of the unique creatures without hesitation. We even had a guy give us a hand that was just visiting on holiday and wanted to jump in to help! Another holiday goer commented teary-eyed to one of our family members how beautiful it was to see us helping one another to get in the water with the various abilities and disabilities! A woman, who has been confined to a wheelchair due to arthritis, finally got help to get in the water after six years and snorkeled for the first time!
Building relationships and loving one another-that is what God created each and every one of us to do! Snorkel Day was more than just an ordinary beach day, it was a day filled with divine encounters, inclusiveness, treating one another equally, and giving rest to the families and caregivers! Go God!

Here are some more larger pictures: