Monthly Archives: April 2010

The year up to now

Since our Missionary Support Team organized a fundraiser for us, we put together a little overview of what was happening in our Discipleship Training School and outreach up to now (April 2010). We hope the pictures help you imagine a bit better!

The other side of Hawaii

When we tell people that we are doing missions on Hawaii, we often get a jealous look and rolling eyes. Many (of course not you) only think of Hawaii as a place to have a vacation. The colorful brochures and movie clips do not show the invisible “other side”. It’s the side of arid wastelands, homelessness, environmental destruction, addictions, poverty, domestic violence, hopelessness and – to sum it all up – the need of God’s truth applied. We desire to reveal the hidden and to be a voice to the voiceless. While we see the great spiritual and social need, we are trying to find small ways in our outreach to bring hope and make a positive impact…. (more stories of how will follow!)