Monthly Archives: February 2010

Air Manta

I think this huge fish called Manta Ray, that can be seen just a few miles from here, should get some more publicity and I offered “Air Manta” as my nomination for the new Lufthansa A380 super plane. Check it out and vote for this entry if you like it by clicking on the rating on the Lufthansa website! Ralph

Surprised by God

My daily class schedule from 9-12 is fairly normal. Normal in the sense that we have a speaker or ministry time but also take a break and then get finished in time for lunch and the usual flow of our afternoon schedule. Just when you think all is as planned, God breaks in and nothing is the same.

Surprised by God… that is how we found ourselves last Thursday morning in class, listening to our speaker for the week, Brian Brennt, focus on Inner Healing and Freedom in Christ. Soon after he introduced the outline for our morning, he threw the text book down and said, “I am done.” God had come. A weighty, tangible presence of God filled the room which resulted in over five hours of continuous prayer, repentance and consecration to God. No one bothered to stop for a coffee break or lunch. God was calling us to a deep place of dedication to Him and His purposes in the world and cleansing us from all that would hinder us. It was like nothing I have ever experienced before and a true taste of what God is doing all around the world as He sets apart this generation to walk in unity to see the Great Commission realized in the earth.

It is truly an exciting time to be alive and it is a privilege to partner with God in the things that are on his heart. One of the greatest barriers in my life is simply unbelief that is played out in not acting boldly and in courage to do the things of God on this earth. May God fill us all with faith and truth in such a deep way that we can be his hands and feet and mouthpiece to a dying and hurting world. We carry the truth, yet too often hide it. Let us take on this challenge together and in turn surprise the world with our love!