Monthly Archives: October 2009

Cape Cod with Ralph’s parents

A short 4-day trip to Cape Cod. At the beach, Ralph’s mom ‘Gaga’ had a blast, playing with Lukas in the sand. It was a far drive, but most importantly, and the whole reason for the trip, Lukas had a wonderful time playing with his grandparents and they couldn’t get enough of him and enjoyed meeting Lily. Good grandparent memories were made and that was worth all the stress of it.

Come as child…

This is Deb here, trying my hand at blogging. It has always been Ralph’s thing but recently I have been inspired, maybe because we are in the midst of transition, a major one. Transitions tend to make me generally more reflective, if not a bit sappy and sentimental. So though it says Ralph at the bottom of this entry, do not be fooled, it is not the German this time. Too bad I don’t know how to fix that, but if you are techie, please help me out.

Since I am a mother, full-time, stay-at-home variety, my kids, for better or worse are my inspiration for many things in my life. Lately they have helped me to understand scripture and Jesus in a deeper way. I have been intrigued by the passage from Matthew when Jesus challenges his disciples that unless they become like a little children, the most lowly and looked down upon members of that time, that they would not enter the Kingdom of heaven. Woah! What a harsh challenge. How often do I look at my little ones, especially my toddler, and think how is God calling me to be more like this little guy?

Lukas has taken a new interest in the Bible, well his kid friendly with pictures version that is. He wants to read it with me everyday and not just one story but another and another. His Bible hunger is starting to rub off and become contagious. His desire to know God’s word is challenging and humbling me to look at my own life. Do I long to read more and more of the Bible for pure enjoyment or do I read dutifully? Do I savor the stories? Am I intrigued by the people or have I allowed my curiosity to wane and my expectancy fade? I want to come as a child- an open, soft-hearted, vulnerable and excited little one, ready to sit on Jesus’ lap and humbly receive. This is my prayer.

Play time…

Now that Lily is 9 months old she is able to hold her own with cruising around the house at top speeds, just like her older brother. Suddenly, Lukas is seeing this little baby with new eyes… a potential playmate? Though the play can easily turn a bit rough, it is fun to see them begin to interact by making the other giggle or chasing each other around.

Lukas is a school boy now

Amazing: Lukas is going to Preschool now. His first day was September 15, 2009, just two months before his third birthday. Being who he is, he is not afraid to go and loves to play with the kids and in the mulch (which is forbidden)…. One benefit: He is encouraged to work on his potty skills.